recipe to run a successful hotel.

I have been taught at the OUBS that you cannot make a cake only out of sugar or only with flour. To make a good cake you need all the ingredients. If you visit my Instagram you can see that I bake a lot. I love baking it de-stress me opens my creativity but you need to be precise to make a good cake. Similarly, you need to be creative and precise to manage a hotel.
You need creativity, ideas, take the right action and measure if the action taken is valid or not. You cannot open or run an activity and add a lot of ideas fun forgetting about cost management, involving the staff in what you do or forget about your clients need. More simple to say than to do. but that’s how it works so simple so straight still complicated. do not also forget about the time you need to give your project the right time to blossom, the right time to cook
so weighting the right ingredients for your recipe is essential to make a good cake. Any hotel is different from another. Small hotels or big hotels need the same attention, the right ingredients for success. Do not copy follow the instructions, add all the ingredients as you cannot make a cake only with sugar.