New Opening in Rome and Food for Thought

I went with a friend who is the General Manager @Lord Byron another Great historical Hotel in a posh district of Rome to have an aperitif at Giardino the rooftop bar of recently reopened The Dorchester Eden Hotel in Rome.
I love to see how others do and I am passionate to learn and be inspired by good examples.

The Dorchester has a fantastic Collection of luxury hotels, and the interior design renovation of Rome’s hotel was superb, but what was impressive was the staff attitude of the Giardino Bar. The FB director came to welcome me and entertained me until my friend’s arrival. He is an excellent example of contemporary management style. Very unusual for Rome ubiquitous elsewhere though. I loved it. I loved to see a wow effect back again in Rome hotels. Later my friend and I went to the reception desk to ask if they could show us around the hotel or at list one room. Unfortunately, the kindness experimented at the Bar was not replied by the front desk staff. We could not visit any room as they informed us the hotel had no free rooms, but my colleague saw available rooms for the same night on
Nevertheless, the overall experience was very good with some thoughts to share:

  1. Talk and entertain you customers you do not need to be the incredible Dorchester to do so. You can always stop by and speak to your clients if you manage on your own and if you have a management company pretend they do so too. We are in a beautiful world on a beautiful planet and when offer hospitality to travelers of any kind, be kind, make them feel at ease if not at home.
  2. Large or small we all have the same problem go out and catch your fish. The Eden is doing like the Sud Tirol hoteliers do since ages or like my grandparents did. But they do with perseverance. Behind this there a clear concept of the value of the customer.
  3. A NO for an answer is always unwelcome to your clients’ ears so try to be as kind as possible and find an alternative word to replace a negative affirmation, but this deserves a post itself.
  4. When feeling overwhelmed, open the door of your office and got out to seek inspiration to be back on track again. You can find it anywhere. But do not sit and stay.
  5. What is, in my opinion, the biggest threat for hoteliers and hotel managers? LAZINESS: you work in the hotel day after day, and after a while, you do not see your hotel anymore you do not walk in the hotel doing some management by walking around, nor you talk to your customers nor go on sales visits. You wait for OTA’s to bring in customers. But his deserves a blog itself
  6. Not be envious of others success stories try to learn from others. Stay humble instead and have an open mind. SMILE!