Do you really know your customers?

Sales & Marketing department is one of the hotel departments’ under more pressure. One of the many reasons is the fact that it takes time for the sales actions to produce effects in many cases like a road show or sales trip it may take also 6 months before you can see a single penny from that trip. It is like entice a new customer and create the desire to buy the dress from the shopping window. You must be captivating and seductive but while the suit is a tangible product, the hotel sells intangible services. It ‘even harder to have to entice people to trust you and buy something that most of the time they do not know. In some cases on a fair, some customers do not even know the geographical area where your hotel is located and you have 20 minutes to sell it, like on a speed date.One thing to sell Rome Italy another one is selling Capalbio. However, suppose that our sales manager is good at bringing in prospect clients and that we have a good product (even if no hotel is 100% perfect), finally, the customer arrives at the hotel, maybe it prepaid or better booked @ our highest rate (Bar X). What can make the difference at this point? The welcome. We sell hospitality. Customers do not know the efforts we made to have them with us, to make us buy. She / He or they do not want to just feel good, they want everybody with them to feel well they want to feel special induvial with individual unique needs satisfied. What happens at this point in the hotel? A very strange phenomenon. Unless it is a large hotel run very well with very clear understood procedures about customer care and a staff dedicated to guest relations, the person who will be more in contact with your guest is the chamber maid, the valet, the porter, the breakfast waiter. People with the lowest salary in the hotel, those who speak least of all the manager, they will make your difference.
The chief operating officer, the general manager most of the time, except to company policy, have no time to talk to customers and therefore to understand and sense how to improve the product to give strategic direction to the hotel. Most of them do not speak any more to their customers. Customers became numbers, formulas. Staff became numbers, too. The hotel manager, the best job in the world, has become a bureaucrat working, full of reports, and excel spreadsheets. I do not mean that we should not know the numbers or use excel to improve our performance but in fact, there is one aspect of our work that could be re-evaluated and is the contact with the customer. Otherwise, you will find yourself taking the wrong decisions and think that a monkey in the lobby is Design or stylish. The success of alternative solutions to the traditional hotel is getting to know your guests see them in the hotel know them and offer personalized service. It is the art and science of making people stay well with you and become your ambassador in the world. The host follows the customer journey from A to Z. The general manager of a hotel (medium/large size –independent) will never do it. But one must strive not to leave his entire fortune-customers, in staff hands, which in the luckiest of cases follows him loves him otherwise cuddle more often taken in turn by laziness neglects him and treats him like a number, and the other win.
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