Human resources and hotel management

Do not forget the human factor
I was in a hotel recently, a new concept of a budget design hotel in Munich.

The reception was open only until 2,30 pm. Therefore when I checked in at night I had to do it with a self-service machine at the door entrance.

Digit the first Letters of my surname and it showed all: my reservation, the rate plan, the keys magically manifested. Avery positive and easy experience.

When I physically got into my room, it was cold. so not very nice, I could not call anyone no phone in the room.

The morning when I got up I was not happy, wanted to talk to the hotel manager, but he was not there In the corridor after breakfast I met the chambermaid.

She did not speak very well English (as most all over Europe) nor I am fluent in German, but with my basic tools, I explained the problem she understood me came into my room and quickly fixed the problem. She moved the desk and turn on the radiator wheel hidden behind it. Sooo simple, this simple. After a few hours I met her on the street and she smiled at me she was walking in her everyday outfit and we had a short but friendly conversation in our languages. the smiles on our faces did the rest.

My lessons on that stay:

what if I did not meet that nice lady?

what could a nightmare my experience be in a cold room of a hotel when nobody is physically there?

you do not need to travel luxury if you can’t. Budget accommodation can be rational and cosy at the same time.

you need a human touch always in your life.

the big chains always hire a genius to manage their hotels. It is the right option for many reasons (numbers on top)

Genius needs to hire good people and treat them well. Because the ugly truth is that those people will make the difference with your guests and will never be replaced by a machine.

Therefore give people the app make their work easier. But be aware to make their work truly easier with a device.

Why ? because they will make the difference and make the numbers that you have to rely on to be successful

Ugly truth for  a successful start in the new year