Human resources and hotel management

Do not forget the human factor
I was in a hotel recently, a new concept of a budget design hotel in Munich.

The reception was open only until 2,30 pm. Therefore when I checked in at night I had to do it with a self-service machine at the door entrance.

Digit the first Letters of my surname and it showed all: my reservation, the rate plan, the keys magically manifested. Avery positive and easy experience.READ MORE


New Opening in Rome and Food for Thought

I went with a friend who is the General Manager @Lord Byron another Great historical Hotel in a posh district of Rome to have an aperitif at Giardino the rooftop bar of recently reopened The Dorchester Eden Hotel in Rome.READ MORE

the beauty of any hotel is in its service, style and personality.

The beauty of any hotel is in its service, style and personality there are not ugly hotels only forgotten or desperate ones. Like lost souls and human beings, all hotels and accommodations are in need of attention and help. Simplicity is a state of mind. My purpose is to help to reveal the hidden beauty of every place, when I am asked.