Hospitality consultancy with a holistic approach

Who I am

i am a marketing expert with the talent to create original visions, respectful of the roots and the values of my clients.

I specialize in boutique hotel marketing, HR training, Customer Relations and Events Managements.
I offer my clients the expertise and contacts to create business opportunities that generate profit and value alongside customer wellbeing.
Based in Rome, Italy, I am an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector. I worked as a Sales & Marketing Director for two design hotels located in Rome, and as a consultant for the opening of boutique hotels in Rome, Tuscany and France, and as a consultant in the organization of corporate meetings.

I hold a bachelor degree in Tourism Business, as well as a certificate in Hospitality Marketing from Cornell University.
My sincere empathy for the needs and values of my customers is supported by my deep knowledge of the hospitality industry. Furthermore as HELMS BRISCOE independent associate I assist my corporate clients to search for the best hotels and locations for their events, and assist in the negotiation and analysis of contractual conditions.
My experience in the sector, paired with a passion for food, travel, people and cultures, make me an ideal consultant for my clients.

What I do


Sales and Marketing Plan – Product Analysis & Positioning – Concept and Product Philosophy Creation Branding – Customer Relation and Sentiment Analysis – Benchmarking and Compset Analysis-Business development – Pricing and Revenue – Promotions and Packages – SWOT analysis


Prioritizing Objectives – Goal setting and Action planning – Optimization of Internal Resources and Operational Procedures – Staff Training (workshops and on-site classes) – Quality Control – Pre-Openings supervising and Startup of new properties


Venue Finding & Site Selection – Work with client to set meeting objectives, budget and requirements – Utilize HB partnership and resources to identify appropriate venues – Evaluate offers from venues – Support in Site inspections – Engage in negotiations with select venues – Contract analysis – Recommend strategies to reduce cost and minimize risk – Pre and Post event support