Hospitality consultancy with a holistic approach

Who I am

I am a marketing expert with the talent to create original visions.

Respectful of the roots and the values of my clients, I create unique travel experiences.

I believe that every hotel has a soul and it is my job to seek it out and let it shine.
I specialize in hotel management, operations, marketing, web marketing, and customer relations.
Hospitality is not ‘rocket science’ it is about having people stay in your hotel or property so they want to return.

I offer my clients the expertise and contacts to create business opportunities that generate profit and value alongside customer wellbeing.
Goals can vary: facilitate business, meet the needs and the wants of hotel customers, and discover potential and unexplored markets.

What I do

Product Analysis and Positioning – Branding – Promotion – Social Media Strategy – Marketing and Sales Planning – Customer Relations – Pricing and Revenue Management

Optimization of Resources and Operational Procedures – Strategy Implementation – Cost Optimization – HR Training – Quality Control and Assurance (In collaboration with a third party) – Special Projects and Event Planning

Support of a Team of Architects and Graphic Designers for Interior and Exterior Design – Brand Identity